Friday, December 3, 2010

Wedding Packages: Decoded

For anyone planning a wedding, you know there are a million little decisions you have to make. They can range from fun decisions, (the dress!), to tedious ones, (what type of font do you want on the invites.)

As wedding photographers, we get asked often to explain our wedding packages. We know that all photographers offer something a little different. (Yet another decision to make!) But don't get overwhelmed! Blue House Photography is here to help. :)

I've compiled a list of useful questions to ask when meeting with a wedding photographer to make sure you get the service you desire.

-- Do you shoot with one or two photographers?
--If two, are they both lead photographers or is one an assistant?
--What do your packages include? (ie, a disc with the high res images, a proof album, a wedding album.)
--Can I print from my disc or are the photos locked?
--Am I responsible for sharing my photos with my guests or is that a service you provide?
--Do you offer engagement sessions and are they included in your package?
--What is your turn around time to get me my photos?
--How many years have you been shooting/in business?
--Why do you enjoy shooting weddings? (Don't you want a photographer that loves weddings as opposed to one that is just there for a paycheck?)
--What happens if you get sick? Do you have a backup photographer that can step in?
--Will you go to my wedding site before the actual day for a walk-through?
--What type of editing do you do to the photos and how many images will I get?
--What's your price? (Okay, I know that money is an important issue for most people and I don't want to tell you to not ask about price, because even the highest budget weddings still have a budget! But-- make sure you are getting what you want from your wedding professional as far as service goes and not just a "good deal." You may get the price you want, but not what you need for a package. Or, you may get someone who is unqualified or doesn't care because they are offering such a "good deal." Remember, if it's too good to be true, it probably is!)

Let us know if you have any questions or if we can be of any help to you in planning your wedding!

--Delia and Luke

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