Monday, December 6, 2010

Portraits: Enviromental portrait vs. Heahshots

Picking a qualified portrait photographer can be hard work. Even more difficult can be deciding what kind of portrait you want to have taken. Blue House Photography is here to offer a few tips. First: decoding the styles of portraits. Do you want a simple headshot or an environmental portrait? A headshot is typically shoulders and up with a simple, plain background. An environmental portrait has the subject in their native surroundings and enhances the overall photograph. Think of a football player on the field and compare that to a modeling headshot.

Both styles of portraits can be useful. A headshot can be most appropriate when used on a business card or next to your bio on a website. It’s clean, simple and accomplished the goal of letting your client put a face to a name. But an environmental portrait may look better when trying to convey your expertise. It can accompany advertising material or go with a news article. Both types have merit; it’s up to you to decide how beneficial they can be for you and your business.

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