Saturday, February 6, 2010

Mexico-- Part 3

The week after a vacation is always hard. Especially when your vacation was in a place as beautiful as Mexico. I spent two weeks down in Mexico. The second week was with Delia and our friends in Sayulita. The first week I traveled alone to Chacala (Population 277), a small fishing village about 90 minutes north of Puerto Vallarta and Bucerias, on the north rim of the Bay of Banderas. Below is a shot of Chacala.


Puerto Vallarta, the major city in the Bay of Banderas, has a beachfront Malacon or walkway with many original sculptures and other types of artwork.

A street vendor in Bucerias and below that one of the deckhands from a boat ride showing us his skills.

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  1. Am I allowed to comment? I really like the sculpture/ sunset shot. Let's go back!