Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Pacific Peak

Two Saturdays ago, we attempted to hike Pacific Peak, outside of Breckenridge. Like a lot of the hikes we like to do, Pacific is a 13-er, topping out at 13,950', and since it's not a 14-er is basically without other hikers. We left the house at 4AM and hit the trail by 6:30, thus allowing us to avoid any afternoon thunderstorms and also provided great light for photos.


Here we go! The trail, if you want to call it that, was basically unmarked. We had to bushwack a little to start. It definitely made the hike more interesting, but a lot harder as well!

The flora could not be beat. We saw some great wildflowers and I've never seen a thistle before like the one above.

Commence the scramble!


  1. Wow! Once again you've shown why you love it so much in Colorado. The colors, composition, vision and scope just blow me away! Thanks for sharing. AK

  2. Great photos Delia! I just found out that those crazy thistles are native, not weeds like I had thought. They are Alpine Thistles.