Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Mt. Silverheels Hike

I climbed Mt. Silverheels last Saturday with a group of seven other women. It was a great time (and fun to do a trip without the guys.) Mt. Silverheels was named for a dance hall girl who was the only woman that stayed in town and took care of sick miners during a small pox epidemic. So, it only seemed appropriate that this was a girls only day.
The elevation of Silverheels is 13,822' and is a 9 mile round trip hike. We saw no other hikers all day, which is always a nice surprise when hiking along the Front Range. Hiking a 13-er (13,000 feet) doesn't have the "prestige" of hiking the nearby 14-ers, which probably explains the lack of other hikers.
All in all, a great day!

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