Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Mt. Ouray

A few weeks ago Liz, a friend of mine, organized a trip to Mt. Ouray, just outside of Poncha Springs, about 3 hours south of Denver. We camped the night before and then got up early to start the trek.
Mt Ouray is one of the tallest 13ers in the area at 13,971 feet. But, being a 13er, and not a 14er (less prestige in only making it up to only 13,00 feet, I guess), we saw hardly anyone. We had 6 people and 6 dogs in our pack, so that was pretty convenient!
The trip was pretty grueling: 4350 feet of elevation gain in about a 9 mile roundtrip. It was pretty much straight up, then straight down. I'm getting trecking poles next time!
We had some pretty amazing wildflowers along the way and the views from the top were definitely worth it.

Hope you enjoy!

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  1. OK, I admit I'm a relative, but I am just blown away by your gift as a photographer. Such a careful eye, clear and concise compostion, a sense of joy in the photos.
    So proud of you both. Thank you for sharing. I enjoyed this beautiful little break from our house crisis. Love you guys, aK